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Marketing Your Differences

Your customers know you and your work. Prospects, however, may not because they have not yet worked with you. 
Every remodeler is different, and those differences should be marketed and communicated to your prospective customers. One way to market your differences is through your project photos. This would be through use of your website, Facebook, Instagram and Houzz, all targeting your desired customer type.
Your marketing communication style and in-person communication needs to be able to make your prospects feel confident in your abilities. They also need to understand the ways in which you differ from your competition, so they choose you to go forward.
Your goal should be more than just for satisfactory performance. You should strive to improve. If you provide a high level of customer service, have a highly skilled team, and focus on excellence you always need to communicate that to your prospects.
When potential customers understand the value of your work and are confident that you will deliver the project the way they desire, the good news will spread. In a situation where your project price is higher than that of your competitors as long as you have communicated your differences, your prospects should be willing to pay more for value, quality and great customer service.
Remember, you are worth it.