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This section of miscellaneous other articles touches upon topics such as increasing customer satisfaction, improving productivity and business promotion.

Remodeling Project – Your Dream

Most people who have done a remodeling project and have not been totally satisfied with the results have something in common.  They focused on the wrong thing.  Unfortunately when the focus has been the price rather than the dream, the project just doesn’t measure up.   In preparing for your remodeling project, I suggest that you

Why Should You Remodel?

There are many reasons to remodel. Maybe you want more enjoyment from your home or to make your home safer, improve your home’s function, increase the home’s energy efficiency or to increase your home’s value. Springtime is often the time of year when homeowners begin to think about needed updates and improvements for their homes.

Improve Productivity – Get Back to Basics

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, sometimes you have to get back to basics to improve productivity. One way is to create an organization manual. If you already have one, make sure you are keeping it up to date, if you don’t, it would be a good idea to create one.

Remodeling to Achieve Your Goals

What comes to mind when we say remodel?  A new kitchen or bathroom perhaps or maybe an extension on someone’s house? Why remodel?  People remodel for a number of reasons: greater functionality or efficiency, more space, aesthetics, and so on.  Often it’s to make room for a growing family, but sometimes it’s to support a changing lifestyle. How does

Increase Customer Satisfaction

We  know that satisfied customers translate into more business.  Building customer loyalty is a continual process and studies have shown that happy employees create happy customers. Taking the time to focus on boosting employee satisfaction can help drive sales by providing a friendly, professional and engaging customer experience. If your employees are not engaged with their jobs,

Publicize All of Your Good Works

There are so many ways that you can shine.  We all know that doing a really good job for our clients is the best way to shine, but we need to go beyond doing a good job.  And we have to make sure that we aren’t hiding our good works.  We have to get those

You Can Be An Award Winner Too!

There are many reasons to enter award competitions; prestige of being a winner, free publicity as in press releases, social media, email marketing and that much needed boost to your website. Being a finalist or award winner not only reminds your past clients how great you are but also relays credibility to your prospects. Not

Don’t Overlook the Little Things

I’m often told by contractors that they get a lot of business through word of mouth.  As business owners we all are quick to recognize blatantly bad practices, however sometimes we become blind to the little things.  And often it’s those little things that can make a difference between getting more business or not. For

Two Heads are Better Than One

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have a great idea, but you’re just not sure.  Maybe you’re not sure if it really is a good idea, or maybe you just don’t know how to express it or promote it.  When that happens, who do you go to? That’s where the expertise of a business

It’s not all about a pretty face…

You are looking at your competitor’s ad in a prominent publication with beautiful photos and glowing testimonials.  But you don’t have an ad like that – should you? Believe it or not you are actually on the same playing field as your competitor when it comes to selling a job.  Homeowners research products and pricing

It’s All About Service

There are many articles written about choosing a remodeler or home builder, but unfortunately there is much less information available to help homeowners choose the best company to do their service work.  Whether you need help with your electrical needs, plumbing, irrigation, landscaping or any other service, it is critical to you that you choose

So Different yet so Similar

We all know that there are vast differences between health care practices and construction businesses, but we sometimes miss the similarities.  As an example, a Long Island family dentist and a Long Island oral surgeon have differences in that the general dentist focuses on family dentistry, whereas the oral surgeon focuses on dental surgery such as

Looking Back and Moving Forward

The recent celebration of Ideal Consulting Services’ 20th anniversary has prompted me to reflect on the past and look into the future.  As I reflected on the past, it was clear to me that there were so many people, companies and organizations that have been part of Ideal’s history as well as my life. In

Making Lemonade

We have all heard the expression “when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade”, but how many of us really try to apply that advice? More often than not, we tend to dwell on the bad luck or the unfortunate events or situations we find ourselves in.  I am sure we can all think of

Your Business – Your Child

In many ways a business is like a child. It is created, needs lots of love and nurturing, and at some point must be allowed to grow up and continue on without your day-to-day involvement

Look Before You Pay

I often have clients ask me about “deals too good to be passed up”.  We have all gotten calls from salespeople promising that if you advertise, your company listing will be at the top, you will get lots of leads and more business than you ever dreamed of. All you need to do is sign

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