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Communication is a major factor in getting clients, selling jobs, successful projects and repeat business. The following articles emphasize the importance of reaching out and staying in touch with prospects, clients, vendors and employees.

Marketing Your Differences

Your customers know you and your work. Prospects, however, may not because they have not yet worked with you.    Every remodeler is different, and those differences should be marketed and communicated to your prospective customers. One way to market your differences is through your project photos. This would be through use of your website, Facebook, Instagram

But I Thought You Meant

The importance of good communication"But I though you meant … ."  How often have you heard this?  I'm sure we can all relate to the familiar refrains of "I didn't know that" or "You didn't tell me that".  How often have you thought something was going to happen only to find out later that the

Reaching Agreements

How often have you asked yourself why it is so difficult to reach agreements?  Whether it is getting staff to do what you want or getting clients to say yes to your sales proposals it sometimes seems so hard.  The good news is there are things you can do to improve your percentages.  In addition


As I was thinking about the topic for this month's article a number of thoughts seemed to be competing for my attention.  This is the time of year to enjoy the holidays, to reflect on those things we have to be thankful for, a time to celebrate and especially a time to communicate.  Rather than

What’s Fair?

We've all heard the complaint or maybe even had the experience of getting ripped off.  Important questions are how, when and why does this happen.  In other words, what are the ingredients and warning signs of rip-off? In our society we all strive for and want fairness.  Ever since we were children we wanted things

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