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There’s a Lot of Snow Out There

Beware of mis-leading and false marketing promises


Yes, I know it is August now as I am writing this article and it will only be September when it first appears.  But yes, there is a lot of snow out there and it isn’t the cold white stuff that you can make into funny little men.  It is the kind of stuff that can hurt you more than the snow balls that playful children often love to throw.

The snow I am referring to consists of the false promises and the opportunities that melt faster than the real snow.  According to the Scotts, Foresman dictionary, one of the definitions of snow is “deceive or persuade by clever talk.”  Unfortunately this snow can be dangerous because not only does it offer false hope, it can be expensive and it is likely to keep us from doing the right things. Recently, I have seen and heard about so many great marketing opportunities that were nothing more than snow.  Yes, all these offers may have made me a skeptic, but I would rather be a skeptic than see others get hurt.  However, rather than simply be pessimistic about the great opportunities, I would rather just remind you to use caution before jumping in.  It is usually good to review the company making the offer and also to verify references.  Besides that, it’s best to avoid the offers which seem to be offering miracles.

The buy-now offers are usually just not worth it; they are often an attempt to keep you from researching the company or the product.  Any legitimate business offer will include information that you can check out ahead of time, as well as real testimonials.  They won’t just be clever talk.  They will not include scare tactics or threats.  They will feel legitimate.