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Don’t Break My Heart

It breaks my heart when I see such waste.  It really hurts to see and feel the disappointment after so much hard work that gets put into fruitless marketing ventures.  Unfortunately I see so many failed attempts to get new business.  Even worse is the realization that so much money was spent and often wasted on these failed hopes to get more business.

Fortunately it is not hopeless – it is possible to create a successful marketing campaign.  As I have said before it is critical that you consider all the elements, including advantages, disadvantages, potential benefits and risks associated with your chosen venues.  Although there are many good possibilities for marketing your business, there are as many that are either not appropriate for your client base or possibly not right for other reasons.

As we have discussed before, if people are not out there looking for your services, you need to reach out directly to them with an idea or a message that will get them to notice you.  This would not be the time to continue your same old newspaper ad that nobody has been looking at.