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But I Thought You Meant

The importance of good communication

The importance of good communication“But I though you meant … .”  How often have you heard this?  I’m sure we can all relate to the familiar refrains of “I didn’t know that” or “You didn’t tell me that”.  How often have you thought something was going to happen only to find out later that the clean, crisp, abundantly clear message just didn’t make it? There may be many reasons for this, but they all relate back to communication.

We all know the importance of good communication and we realize that unclear communication can be very frustrating.  We also know it can be quite costly, not only in money, but also in time, lost productivity and lost opportunity.

For the most part, we take communication for granted; because after all, we are experts at communicating – we do it every day, don’t we?  Yes, it is true that we communicate every day, but are we really effectively communicating?