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Do They Really Care About You

Using a marketing plan to avoid spur of the moment decisions

In light of the current economy and everyone’s desire to get more work, there are currently great ‘deals’ out there.  But are these really great deals or will they simply result in more disappointment?  Unfortunately, I have seen many so called deals turn into anything but.  They range from guarantees that you will be number one on the internet to the sure thing ad or newspaper insert.

Often these deals are accompanied by deadlines that don’t give you time to think or a one-time only offer.  Sometimes they are what seems a once in a life-time (slight exaggeration) offer for a full page at a wonderful discount if you decide right now.  They will also offer to create the ad, but you must decide right now, and because of the tight deadline, you must take what they give you.

Of course the advertising sales people have quotas and deadlines and of course they are only doing their jobs.  And, yes we expect them to do their jobs, but the question is “do they really care about you?”