Paving The Road to Success

Build a more successful business

Outsell your competition

Implement tools for organization

Become more profitable

Improve your staff productivity

Enjoy more freetime

Expand your leadership skills

Create more effective marketing

Marketing and Sales

Do you need more qualified leads? Do you have trouble closing the deal?


Do you work long hours but feel that you haven’t accomplished much? Do you often feel stressed at the end of the day?


Do you have trouble finding and hiring capable employees?

Planning and Organization

Do you need a more organized business? Do your dreams never seem to come to life?

Become More… 


Doing the right things and getting results.



Least amount of time and money spent.


More money in the bank and free time.

Profitability is critical to the health and growth of any business. Ideal Consulting will help you implement systems to increase profitability. At Ideal Consulting, we recognize your desire to increase profitability. Our purpose is to help our clients become more effective, efficient and profitable. As you become more effective and efficient, you will build your business profits.

Our Process

Ideal Consulting works with you to ensure that the best possible solutions are found and executed for improving all the various areas of your business. In addition, we work to ensure that your business is operating as efficiently as possible. Increased effectiveness and efficiency will lead to increased business profits and more time for you, the business owner, to enjoy your successes.

We Recognize That Every Business Has Different Needs.


We listen and work with you to scrutinize and strategize so your business gets the results you desire.

Areas of Focus

Business Consulting and Coaching

Our programs are custom designed to maximize your professional and personal potential, and increase profitability. These programs focus on any or all of the following key areas of your business.

Strategic and Tactical Planning

Ideal Consulting will work with you to establish systems for streamlining your planning processes.  The result will be effective plans that will help you achieve your goals.


The proper organizational structure for your business is key to effectiveness and efficiency.

It’s not good enough to have policies and procedures that “everyone know” if these policies and procedures are not in writing.  Proper job descriptions will help your staff know their specific responsibilities and understand their purpose, expected products (end results) and the steps to achieve their products. 

Ideal Consulting will help you create the organizational structure, policies, procedures and job descriptions. The result will be increased effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

Sales and Finance Systems

You can have an increased number of profitably sold products and services.

Although there is unfair competition out there, it is possible to sell a higher quality product at an acceptable profit margin. By having effective systems in place for all steps of the sales process and by differentiating yourself and your business, you will be in a better position to compete for the type of customers or clients you want.

Ideal Consulting will help you to establish the needed procedures to close more sales. We have helped our clients increase the number of profitably sold products and services.

Employee Empowerment and Increased Productivity

We help you establish a more efficient and productive staff.

In order to have productive employees, it is important to have systems for hiring, training and measuring their progress and incentivizing them.  It is also critical that you understand the capabilities of your employees and that they know what is expected of them.

Having policies and procedures in place will assist you in creating and maintaining a smooth running, efficient organization.  Ideal Consulting will help you to establish the systems which will lead to more productive employees.  The result will be a more efficient and productive staff.

Public Relations and Marketing

It is possible to get more business and find more work without using expensive advertising. We can offer actions that are very cost effective and will lead to more qualified prospects. One of the keys to getting more work is to have a well thought out public relations and marketing plan.

Another important key to increasing your leads is to create consistency in your public relations and marketing.

Ideal Consulting will help you promote more effectively and efficiently to both previous clients and new prospects.  The result will be more prospects interested in your services.

We have used Ideal Consulting Services for 3 years and nearly doubled revenue and staff. We increased cash flow and kept our business model in check. They provided hiring help and helped us to be organized. They give us tasks and hold us accountable. Their business model fits our needs perfectly. Lorraine and staff are easy to work with and always available when we need help. They know our business and specialize in building and construction. They are a huge asset to our business!

S.V. and V.V., Owners (Remodelers of Houston)

Ideal Consulting knows industry specific issues ,has experience and knowledge and is highly recommended. I have someone to ask questions to about any part of my business. They are a tremendous hiring asset and helps us with bad practices, a great resource for small businesses. Helped with employee issues, financials and structure of the company.

D.M., President (Innovative Skylights and Attics)

Ideal Consulting Services has helped my business tremendously. They gave me a tool I use every day which proved invaluable and a huge time saver.” Increased confidence level, professionalism – huge improvement because of Ideal’s services. Ideal Consulting has significantly changed the way I do business. I have more time to do estimates and more time with my family. They provided support with bookkeeping, social media and email campaigns and web development-redid my website cleaner look, up to date and better rankings.

K.V., Owner (Vick Construction & Remodeling)

I choose Ideal Consulting because many of my successful associates were using them. They changed every facet of my business and we are more organized in the office and in the field. I needed help in all of the different departments to run a business and they were there for me. Revenue increased 40% the first year and am experiencing increase the second year. My life is easier – they have my back.

L.A., Owner (Abbott Contracting)

Ideal Consulting helped us in numerous way with marketing and consulting of the business and in trying to come up with job description for positions in the company. Helped us with hiring employees forservice areas and in the office. Happy with them ever since and have recommended Ideal Consulting numerous times because of the results I have gotten.

John Gillette, Owner (President-Craftsmanship By John)

Begin Paving Your Road to Success Today.

Ideal Consulting can help you increase profitability, resulting in a healthier and stronger business.

Thinking of Upgrading Your Site?

In addition to our consulting and coaching services, we provide website design and maintenance through our partnership with Websites by Ideal.

Websites by Ideal was created in 2003 by Arthur Hart, a co-founder of Ideal Consulting Services, to support the website needs of Ideal Consulting’s NY clients.

Websites by ideal now serves a national market. Websites by Ideal is proud to have created several award-winning websites.