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Good leadership leads to successful and profitable projects. The following articles describe how leadership abilities positively affect project management, and the importance of decision making and knowing what to do with advice from others.

Lead or Be Led

Why is it that some project managers always seem to get the really good projects, while others always seem to get the problem jobs? Is it really a matter of luck or does the answer perhaps lay within the manager himself? I think we all know the answer to this question, which leads us to


We hear about leadership all the time.  He's a good leader, a bad leader, or a natural born leader.  We like to think we are good leaders.  We look for leadership in our employees.  We complain that our staff aren't measuring up.  We sometimes yearn for the 'right someone' to come along.  But will we

It’s All About Good News

With all the doom and gloom out there, one might ask "what good news?" Unfortunately everywhere we turn we hear or read or are told about how bad things are. As we all know there seems to be a media frenzy reminding us about how bad it is, and if that's not bad enough, how

Keeping It Positive

We've all heard of the power of positive thinking and perhaps some of us have felt it has become a trite or overused expression.  However, I would like to explore where and how the use of a positive approach to life and work will benefit you and your business. For those of us who are

Who Do You Listen to

We all seek advice from time to time, but we are often as disappointed as we are satisfied with the advice we get.  Sometimes it is a matter of the blind leading the blind as the old saying goes, and sometimes we find we actually gain some real nuggets of wisdom.  So what is the

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