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This section contains excerpts from published articles written by Lorraine Hart. They are organized into the following general topics: 


Profitability is an obvious ingredient to a successful business.  By looking outside the box we can often find ways to increase profits and the success of our businesses.


In good times and bad we need a steady stream of new business.  Although we ignore the need for new work in times of abundance, to have a successful business we must continue to bring in new clients.  A truly successful business will have public relations and marketing programs to suit any economy.

Web Marketing

Although relatively new, web marketing and social media are the fastest growing elements to running a successful business.


Although we all agree that profitable sales are critical to the success of our businesses, we often have different views on how to successfully sell.


Although we are sometimes frustrated with employees, to succeed we need productive employees.  By finding, training and empowering employees we will ensure not only their success, buy our success as well.


We often hear about quality control, but equally often we brush it aside as a nice to have.  A truly successful business will focus on quality throughout the organization.


To ensure success and the achievement of goals, roadmaps are needed.  The action of planning includes not only creating the roadmaps, but putting the steps in place to follow the roadmaps.


Although leadership is important in any economy, it is critical in the current economic climate.  With the right attitude and strong leadership, organizations can and will succeed.


Management is not only about doing the right things and making the right decisions, it is also about making sure to avoid certain pitfalls in running organizations.  Through effective management we will create success

Time Management

A huge issue for many executives is time management.  Even those who are otherwise successful seem to be concerned about the lack of time.


As business owners we are often so dedicated to doing what we do, that we forget to organize for success.  Rather than playing the game of putting out fires, we can contribute to the success of our businesses by putting organization and structure in place.


Communication, or the lack of it, can spell the difference between the success or failure of organizations.


It often seems that stress is just a part of life, especially the life of an executive.  Multiple problems, decisions and other factors often lead to overwhelm resulting in stress.  Balancing the numerous issues will lead to successful management.


In times of economic uncertainty it is important to take action and do what is necessary to handle our businesses and lives.  Rather than sitting back and complaining, the key to survival and success is action.

Contractor Resources

The following is information for contractors to use to help educate their clients.

Other Articles by Lorraine Hart

This topic consists of articles appearing in general media publications or blogs.

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