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Get More Work By Standing Out

As a small business owner I know it can be difficult to differentiate my company from other similar companies out there. But it’s the differences about you and your company that can get the sale, especially if your price point is higher than your competititor’s.

The best way to differentiate yourself from your competition is not by price.  It’s by you and your staff’s ability to be good communicators, to have good listening skills, and provide timely follow up. Return phone all calls promptly, get them the proposal when promised.  And stay in regular communication.

Another way to stand out is to join is your participation in a professional trade association. Associations can educate you about regulations and legislation that can affect your business and offer you certifications to make you more of a pro. Your placement on the association’s website can give you more credibility and also get you leads.  Another great way to stand out is through awards.

Remember, it is not the similarities that will help you stand out, but the differences.  Use those differences to stand out.