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Creating Mystery in Marketing

Use mystery to increase public relations and marketing results

Anyone who has ever read a mystery novel or watched a mystery movie knows how engrossed you get.  A good mystery novel is called a page turner for good reason. Imagine reading or watching the story where you know the ending before you begin.  I am sure you will agree that it just wouldn’t have the same effect.

Although I am not suggesting that your marketing resemble a detective novel, I would like to explore the possibilities of using mystery in your marketing efforts.  We have all seen marketing messages that contain enough mystery to make us want to know more.  On the other hand, we have also seen messages that tell us so much that there is no need to contact the business to find out more about their products or services.  Obviously there are situations where you might want to use either of these.  Just keep in mind that good marketing will create some type of reach, even when you are not trying to create mystery.

Whether you are creating a public relations piece, doing direct marketing, or even advertising, it is always best to create enough mystery so that those reading it will want to contact you to find out more.  If you think about your purpose in marketing, I am sure you will agree that you would like your prospects to contact you for more information.  Obviously if you give them too much information they will not have the need or inclination to contact you.