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How to Retain Existing Clients

Don’t Be Invisible to Your Clients

Happy clients are your best cheerleaders, they like you, trust you, refer you and as a result more likely to use your services in the future. Your existing client base is a very important marketing asset that needs to be cultivated on a regular basis.

Reaching your previous clients is less costly than reaching non clients, and they are easier to close on the next sale. Don’t assume that past clients will call you when they need you just because they have your number.

You need to have procedures in place to follow up, by email and phone and even by connecting on social media websites. Don’t feel that if they don’t open your emails or return a phone call or “like” you that you are a nuisance. If you approach an existing or potential client in a professional, personal and timely manner, with something that genuinely might be of interest, you will never be a nuisance but instead an asset.