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Web Marketing

Your company’s website is the most important marketing tool your business has. The following articles discuss ways to make your website and other social media websites work more effectively and increase your business.

SEO Google Visibility

The first requirement for visitors to find your business is to make sure your website is visible to the search engines. This is referred to as being search engine friendly. Your website needs to be optimized which includes keyword research and strategy. This is best done by a professional website developer with experience and an understanding of

Website Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

  The pandemic has changed the way we all shop and interact. These types of changes have made your most important marketing tool,  your company's website, significantly more important. The following are some website considerations to help move your business forward: Updated modern look with money shot photos. If your website is outdated and hasn’t

Why SEO Matters

SEO otherwise known as” search engine optimization” pertains to Google rankings. No company has control over how Google Ranks websites. But these rankings affect your ability to be found on the internet.   A great time to hire someone to do SEO is when you're considering a site redesign, or planning to launch a new site. That

Build an Effective Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to market yourself and your company.  Just as I am not going to tell you to take out a bunch of ads, I am not going to tell you to stop advertising if advertising is working for you.  However, I will agree with the advertising reps in saying that if you are

SEO Marketers

There are many SEO marketers or digital marketing “gurus” out there.  Before you choose one to work with, there are basic questions you should ask. In addition, it is always important to check references and sites like BBB, Ripoff Report or Google the company’s name and the words reviews, complaints and scam after it.  

Consider the 3 C’s When Designing Your Website

  Consider the 3 C's When Designing Your Website Character The personality of your website should attract your ideal customer. The messaging should align with your business's purpose. The colors and writing should elicit the impression you want your business to make and how you want your visitors to feel. It is what you are saying and

To Web or Not to Web

I am often asked about websites.  These questions range from "should I?", "must I?", "should it be fancy?", "should it be simple?", "is it cheap?", "is it expensive?", "can I live without it?"  The answer to all those questions is yes, and it depends.  If you haven't stopped reading by now, you deserve some real

Web Cautions

With the advent and growth of the World Wide Web many companies and services have been jumping on the band wagon.  There is undoubtedly opportunity on the web, but there are also significant landmines out there.  Before you jump in or if you are already in, before you commit to some of the promises being

Who Do You Know?

When you looked at this question what did you think?  Were you reminded of the insurance salesman who asked that question as soon as they signed you up or did you think of someone else wanting to sell to all your friends and acquaintances?  What I am going to ask is "who do you know

Don’t Let it Happen to You

Recently I have heard about too many "too good to be true" deals or opportunities being promoted by unscrupulous companies.  In this article I am going to specifically address websites and internet marketing.  Let's start with the promises.  They range from "we can get you to the top of the page on Google" to "just

Web Gotcha’s

I am writing about this because it seems to be happening too often.  I believe that the reason it is happening so often is because many of us consider the internet and web marketing to be both mysterious and critical to our businesses.  That makes us vulnerable.  The offers sound so good and we are

Power of Aesthetics

Beautiful creations catch our attention because they resonate with something deep down in the core of our being. We not only admire the beautiful or aesthetic, we want to find out more about it, how it came into being and how we might be able to have something similar. This admiration we feel for aesthetic creations is

Paying For a Promise

Pay per Click advertising also known as cost per click, is a model used to direct traffic to your website. Advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. Some Pay Per Click companies refer to each click as a lead.  But if you think about the definition of a lead,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first requirement for visitors to find your business by means of a search engine is to make sure your website is visible to the search engines. This is referred to as being search engine friendly. The exact indexing rules and procedures used by the various search engines are a closely guarded secret. However, there

Search Engines Have to See You to Index You

Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly scouting the web looking for relevant information to index. They are interested primarily in content in the form of words, not images. They can "understand," categorize and index words and phrases but not image content. This means that websites rich in graphics images, video clips,

Remember to Ask for Reviews

Your company’s website is your most powerful marketing tool. Being well ranked in search engines is vital to increase customer traffic to your website and give you qualified leads that can be converted to sales. One way to make sure that you are ranked well locally, is to get lots of reviews. Have a procedure

Getting it Right – Online

There are many social media opportunities to take advantage of to help increase your business. Twitter and blogs are great to promote conversation and engage users. Facebook and Houzz are geared more toward building your brand and driving traffic to your website. Once a visitor gets to your website it is there where they can

Your Website as a Marketing Tool

There are so many marketing tools available to use; emails, Facebook, Houzz, direct mail and print advertising. You can further your brand significantly by taking advantage of all of those tools. The main goal of all of those efforts should be to drive your prospects to your website. Your website is meant to educate prospects

Create an Inviting Website

Your website is like the front door to your home. Once people are invited in it is your website’s job to see that they are comfortable so they will stick around. Visually and textually you must be able to have an engaging conversation with your visitors.  Think about what words match the tone you would

Drive Results With a Great Website

It’s important to make a good first impression.  You know what they say, most people will judge you in the first second of meeting you and most likely that impression of you will not change.  It also holds true for your website, as it too must have “curb appeal”.  A visitor to your website will

To Web or not to Web?

I am often asked about websites. These questions range from “should I?”, “must I?”, “should it be fancy?”, “should it be simple?”, “is it cheap?”, “is it expensive?”, “can I live without it? The answer to all those questions is yes, and it depends. For those of you who still may be thinking about getting

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