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Tips When Taking Project Photos

Here are some suggestions when planning a photo strategy for your marketing plan:

  • Schedule professional photography shoot as soon as possible after the completion of the project.
  • Properly stage the area which is to be photographed. Remove any eyesores or items that do not belong in the picture. Make sure everything is clean. If everything is the room is white, break it up with a touch of color.  The home should look like someone lives there so a few simple accessories can be placed such as rolled up towels, a vase or some greenery.
  • Depersonalize the area by removing family photos.
  • Ask your professional photographer to take high resolution after photos with similar views as the before photos.
  • Always take before photos (landscape and portrait) from different views for each room that is remodeled. This is necessary if you enter your projects for awards.
  • If possible, have the photographer take photos in natural and artificial light.
  • Remember to take before and after exterior photos when doing an addition or an exterior remodel.