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Do They Know You Exist?

Cost effective marketing

Recently I have discovered that many businesses have stopped doing some of the most cost effective marketing that is out there.  What I am talking about is the simple concept of communicating to your client or customer base.

There are a lot of reasons to stay in touch, or if you are out of touch, to get in touch.  If you did work for them recently, they may have friends or family to refer, or they may need more work.  What about those clients that you have lost track of?  Obviously, they may also need more work.  Unfortunately if you have not been in recent communication with them, they may actually have forgotten about you.  They may not know that you are still in business.  They may not be aware of the full range of your services.  If you did one project or service for them, they may think that is all you do.

Unfortunately I have had people tell me they did a particular project for someone, and then sometime later found out that their client called someone else to do another project.  The reason was “I didn’t know you did that.”  I’ve  also heard that previous customers have said something like “I didn’t know you were still in business.”