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Organization plays an important part in a successful business, confusion and disorganization often leads to business destruction. The following articles address how you can envision and create your future, and achieve your goals by looking at different areas of your business.

Do You Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From?

Many of us get leads from various source including referrals from clients, colleagues, friends, or from the internet, advertising, or your website “contact us” form or other marketing efforts. Knowing and keeping track of the origination of these leads is very important.  You would think this would be a very basic function that business owners

Creating Your Future

As we start a new year we often look back to see where we have been, and look forward and wonder where we can go. As we reflect on what has been, let's also look at where we might go.  Although it is good to be satisfied with our accomplishments, we don't want to become

Remodeling to Achieve Your Goals

What comes to mind when we say remodel?  A new kitchen or bathroom perhaps or maybe an extension on someone's house? Why remodel?  People remodel for a number of reasons: greater functionality or efficiency, more space, aesthetics, and so on.  Often it's to make room for a growing family, but sometimes it's to support a

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