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The Goldmine in Your Backyard

Marketing to and through your customers

Are you sitting on a goldmine? In recent years, contractors have been panning gold from a stream of plentiful business opportunity. However, now that the stream of potential customers looking for contractors has dried up a bit, it’s time to shift focus and start to dig for the buried veins of gold. The question is where to dig in order to uncover the buried treasure.

Anyone who has had a successful business has built up a lot of goodwill among their satisfied customers. Now is the time to put all that goodwill to use. The first thing to do is to comb through your records and make a list of names and addresses of all those satisfied customers.

Then pare the list down to those you liked to work with and would like to work with again. Granted, these particular customers may not have more work they need to have done right now, but the idea is to use them to find more customers just like them.