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To Web or not to Web?

I am often asked about websites. These questions range from “should I?”, “must I?”, “should it be fancy?”, “should it be simple?”, “is it cheap?”, “is it expensive?”, “can I live without it? The answer to all those questions is yes, and it depends.
For those of you who still may be thinking about getting a website, just keep in mind that in today’s world a website says you exist. It can be a valuable communiction tool, it is a PR tool and it can be a good place to show off.
Just like no two businesses are exactly alike, websites vary greatly. Just like we update and improrve our businesses, we will also want to update and improve our websites. The great part about promoting on a website is that you can usually get the message out there fast. Unlike print marketing, if it esn’t quite right, it can be fixed and you don’t have to worry about throwing away a lot of expensive paper promotion.
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