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SEO Google Visibility

The first requirement for visitors to find your business is to make sure your website is visible to the search engines. This is referred to as being search engine friendly. Your website needs to be optimized which includes keyword research and strategy. This is best done by a professional website developer with experience and an understanding of your company’s industry and competitors.
In order for search engines like Google to remain efficient and stay relevant to queries, they need to routinely crawl to discover website pages, index them which will store those pages and then rank pages based on what was found.
The exact indexing rules and procedures used by search engines are a closely guarded secret. However, there are certain basic principles that are known and can be applied. Following these “best practice’ principles will result in a greater likelihood of search engines finding your website.
Keep in mind getting found is a marathon, not a sprint. Please remember that there are sites that have been around longer than yours, and they have most likely been working very hard to be found.
Websites by Ideal will ensure that the websites we provide adhere to the best practices of search engine optimization. This will give you the best shot possible of having your website found by your prospects.