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Health Care

Freedom of Choice

Do you sometimes feel tied to your practice? Would you like to have the flexibility to pursue other interests? Although you probably decided to become a health care provider because you wanted to help others, you may also want to pursue other interests in life.  By having a well run practice, with the right systems

Practice Quality

Do you sometimes wonder why patients never return? Do you wish your staff were more effective at getting the job done?As you realize, the quality of your practice is a reflection of most of the areas of your organization including treatment, patient communications, staff training and your administrative systems.  Just as you and your treatment


Do you have difficulty collecting for services rendered? Are you busy, but not making enough money?When you and your staff work hard and render the promised treatment, you deserve to get paid.  Unfortunately, there are often obstacles to collecting your fees.  Sometimes patients either won’t or don’t pay.  Does it often seems like you have

Treatment Plan Acceptance

Would you like to increase treatment plan acceptance? Would you like to decrease the number of missed appointments?Unfortunately it is not enough for a patient to need treatment.  They need to understand why they need the treatment and they need to want the treatment you know they need.  As most health care professionals have experienced,

Staff Productivity

Increasing staff productivity: Are your existing staff not as productive as you would like them to be? Are you finding it difficult to hire great staff?  Is training taking up more time than it should only to yield less than ideal results?Taking control of the hiring process is one of the most important things you

New Patients

Do you feel there is a wealth of potential patients and wonder how to reach them? Do you feel you spend too much time and money on promotion and get no return? As you know, new patients are the life-blood of any practice.  Not only do you need a steady flow of new patients, you

Practice Management

Do you sometimes feel like your practice is running you, instead of the other way around?  Are your profits not where they should be?  Would you like a more effective and efficient practice?  As you know, health care services include much more than simply treating patients. For you to achieve your goals for your practice

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