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Pandemic Planning 2021

This past year has been a rollercoaster ride for many businesses. As the holidays and New Year approaches, there is reason to be optimistic when planning for the upcoming year.
As we near the end of Q4, we should all hopefully have a good start on a plan for 2021. There still may be unpredictable employee, customer and economic challenges which will require a business plan with a degree of flexibility
Organizational agility and adaptability has been the theme of surviving this past year. Having a formal, written short and long term business plan that you can regularly refer to, will help you prioritize your time, manage your money and stay focused on goals.
Business Goals You Can Set For 2021
If you are planning on growing your company, set your hiring goals now for the upcoming year. The beginning of the year is a good time to start your search as people may be looking for another job. 
Set budgets for marketing. This includes advertising, trade shows, and membership fees. Additional considerations would be signage, direct mailings and newsletter emails. 
Also remember to review your website and keep it up to date, fresh and functional. With the internet constantly evolving, a website that still looks good may not perform as well as a marketing tool today. 
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