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Business Plan for 2020 and Beyond

In these uncertain times, now more than ever we need to set a game plan for our business for the upcoming year. 

The goals you made in the past may need to be adjusted for the current and future situations. Focus on increasing your marketing to make up for the decrease in sales you may have experienced during the shutdown.  Keep on communicating to your customers and prospects. You may have to shift your strategies to meet their needs perhaps putting extra effort into improving your website and search engine optimization. There are many cost-effect marketing tools including social media and email marketing that we can help you with.

As business continues, take note of changes in supply and demand. For example; the escalating price of lumber will affect your profit margin for jobs bid or under contract. Delivery issues are occurring and need to be monitored. Safety protocols although a positive change, may slow down the time it takes for you to conduct business and increases the cost of doing business.

In reflecting on your business and in planning for this upcoming year, always have a contingency plan so you and your employees are prepared. Plan for “what if’s”, what functions will be lost if your staff is out sick, consider cross training employees. What if someone needs to work from home, make sure you have secure computer systems and policies to limit risks.

Stay informed, plan for the worst and you’ll be positioned for success!

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