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While You Were Asleep

Selling in a difficult economy

Solutions to a slow economy –what we can do to make it better

Oh, it’s so slow; I can’t do anything about it; I’m so busy, but I don’t have any money; it’s no use so I might as well hibernate.  I could go on and on repeating some of what we have all recently heard.  Instead of dwelling on the negatives and deciding to “sleep it out”, maybe we all need to look at what we can do to make it better for all of us.  Yes, I did say all of us, because we are in this together.

Unfortunately there has been just too much of the doom and gloom for too long.  And the more we agree with it, the more real it becomes to us and the more real it becomes to everyone else.  But those attitudes are not healthy for any of us and more importantly, they do not lead to a solution.  Yes, we have all heard the expression “misery loves company”, but I for one would rather find the solutions and do my part to help us dig out.

You can work on public relations and marketing.  You can speak to people and pass along any bits of good news you hear; you can find out what people need and want, so that when they are ready you will also be ready.  Public relations and marketing does not need to be expensive, but you may have to approach this whole arena differently than you have done so in the past.  And yes, there are even inexpensive ways to market yourself and your business.

The other choice of course is to hibernate.  When you wake up you may or may not have a business.  Although the economic scene may be different, you won’t have progressed at all.  You can try to pick up the pieces and you may wonder what happened out there while you were asleep.