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When it’s Just Not Viable

Planning changes to move your business from potential failure to success

If you find that your business is just not viable, then it is time to take some drastic measures. In a sense, it is like starting from scratch. Fortunately however, there is a huge difference between starting a new business and reviving an existing business. We just have to recognize that it can’t be business as usual. Let’s look at some of the similarities and differences. In each case it is critical that we handle whatever is needed to create viability. That means we must evaluate all areas of the business to determine our action plans.

If you have been in business for some time, then you can use that fact in your marketing. Just the ability to say that you have been serving the community since 1990 or that you have been satisfying clients for over 20 years is valuable. And of course you will have satisfied clients to use as referrals. Even if it feels like you are starting over, the reality is you once had a viable business, and you can and should use that fact in your public relations, marketing and sales.

Now it is important to see how you can continue your existing business in today’s climate. To do so you must find out what people need and want right now. Although this sounds simple, it can be a bit tricky, especially if you have been in business for awhile. There is a temptation to assume that what our clients needed and wanted in the past is what they need and want right now. Unfortunately that assumption can be dangerous. Although I am not suggesting that we forget all our experience and throw away our previously successful actions, in some small way, we have to do just that.