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Making Lemonade in 2009

Finding opportunity in spite of the economy

We have all heard the expression “when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade”, but how many of us really try to apply that advice? More often than not, we tend to dwell on the bad luck or the unfortunate events or situations we find ourselves in. I am sure we can all think of at least one example of something that at first seemed to be a problem or bad news that turned out to be a great opportunity.

When we are faced with what appears to be bad news, it seems natural to become discouraged and maybe even want to give up. Fortunately for most of us, the bad news usually isn’t as bad as it seems, and that is where the idea of making lemonade comes in. As hard as it may initially appear, it is usually possible to find some good in every situation. By being creative and willing to look for the opportunity in every negative situation, we can continually improve not only our businesses, but our lives.

Although none of us believes the conditions of our current economic situation can be anything but bad news, there is still an opportunity to change our individual strategies and survive. In order to do so we have to change many of our old habits and ways of thinking. Just because people aren’t beating down the doors, doesn’t mean that no one is interested in improving their homes or their lives.

Instead of dwelling on the really bad economy, we should look for all the ways that we can use this opportunity to make lemonade. Instead of giving up and doing nothing because the situation is too difficult to confront we need to focus on those things that we can do.