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Selling in a difficult economy

In this time of economic and consumer uncertainty it is more important than ever to market and sell effectively.  By effective I mean that you are doing the right things and getting results.  For you, that means that you attract qualified clients who are willing to pay enough for your services.  We all know that you can’t charge sky-high fees, but it is equally important that you charge enough so that you can stay in business and afford to do the project.

Unfortunately, there are too many people who want to take unfair advantage of the economic climate.  Quite frankly you just can’t afford to work with this segment of the population.

It is none of their business what it will cost you.  What is important is that they get what they want and that you are professional, ethical and reliable.  It is also critically important for the sake of the client that their chosen contractor charges enough so that they can stay in business long enough to complete the project.

Clients have told me that they have prospects asking for detailed breakdowns of the project costs.  Just like restaurants wouldn’t give a recipe with all the costs or a car dealer won’t do a complete cost breakdown; giving a complete cost breakdown for your project is a recipe for failure.