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By reflecting, we can learn and plan for the future

As we approach the holidays and the end of the year, there is a lot to reflect upon – some good and some unfortunate events. For those who may have been hurt by the recent devastating storm, there may not seem like there is a lot to celebrate, but even with loss comes new beginnings and opportunities to help those in need. As we reflect on the past, we may want to look at all areas of our lives, our relationships and our businesses. If there are areas that seem to need improvement, this is a good time to determine what those improvements can and should be.

Just as sports coaches use re-plays of games to improve team performance, you can do the same. To improve the performance of your business, I suggest you look at the various areas to determine those you are satisfied with and those that need improvement. By identifying both the positive and negative, you will be in a position to reinforce those areas and actions that went well or are going well, and you can then plan to improve those areas that fell short of your goals, making sure to not eliminate any successful actions.

In reflecting on your business and in planning for this next year, be sure to look at all the areas of your business including your planning, staff, finances, public relations and marketing, sales, production, and quality. If any of these areas needs improvement, now is a good time to prepare for a successful new year.