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There are many articles written about choosing a remodeler or home builder, but unfortunately there is much less information available to help homeowners choose the best company to do their service work.  Whether you need help with your electrical needs, plumbing, irrigation, landscaping or any other service, it is critical to you that you choose the right contractor for you.

Before discussing some of the factors in choosing a service contractor, I want to warn you about choosing based on price. If you get a very low estimate for your project, there is a reason and it usually has to do with cutting corners or not following some of the rules.

In choosing a contractor for your service work, you must first make sure that the contractor has their basics in place.  This means that they are licensed and insured to do the work that you want done in your particular state, city or municipality.  Keep in mind that regulations vary, so just make sure that the contractor you choose meets the requirements for your area.

Although the services that you require are usually not a matter of life or death, let’s make sure they don’t become a matter of life or death.  You want to make sure that your contractor follows the codes for their particular trade and also has safety guidelines in place.  These safety guidelines should include guidelines for keeping your home and family safe, as well as safety guidelines for their crews.  Find out if the contractor has production policies and procedures in place.

Some companies go above and beyond the basics by instituting a program of ongoing staff training.  That tells you that this company cares about you, their staff and running a quality organization.

Other important aspects to help you choose the contractor for your home revolve around communication and honesty.  This means that you want to choose a company with representative who listen to what your situation is and also to what you want.  Honesty is critical for many reasons.  Just remember if the contractor you select is not following some of the licensing or other rules, then they will most likely be dishonest in other ways as well.  Obviously none of us want to be taken advantage of, nor do we want to deal with the aftermath of broken promises or shoddy workmanship.

Depending on the type and size of your project or needed service, you will want to check out some of these issues in choosing your service contractor.  Although it may not be practical, nor do I suggest that you read all their policies and procedures, you can and should ask for and check out their references.