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So Different yet so Similar

We all know that there are vast differences between health care practices and construction businesses, but we sometimes miss the similarities.  As an example, a Long Island family dentist and a Long Island oral surgeon have differences in that the general dentist focuses on family dentistry, whereas the oral surgeon focuses on dental surgery such as wisdom tooth removal.  However, both of these LI dentists provide different aspects of dental implants.

In the construction arena, an architect provides the design and architecture services, whereas a home remodeler or builder provides the construction portion of the home renovation project or custom home.

In looking at these businesses, we clearly see that there are vast differences, not only in the services provided, but also in the geographic areas.  Our LI architect client provides design build services in Nassau and Suffolk counties, whereas our Houston home remodeler does home renovations in the Memorial Villages of Houston.  Our Kingwood home remodeler does home renovations in the Kingwood, Humble and Atascocita areas in Texas.

A few years ago two of our clients, a doctor and a home improvement contractor were discussing their businesses and came to the conclusion that their businesses were really very much the same.  Yes, the LI dentist and the Houston remodeler have a lot in common.  Although their services were quite different, most of the other issues such as public relations, marketing and staffing were really the same.

Actually, with the exception of the specific services and products provided by a business, most of the business functions are the same or very similar.