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Practice Management

Do you sometimes feel like your practice is running you, instead of the other way around?  Are your profits not where they should be?  Would you like a more effective and efficient practice?  As you know, health care services include much more than simply treating patients. For you to achieve your goals for your practice and for yourself, it is important to be in control of all the aspects of your practice.  Whether you decide to manage the practice yourself or find a competent executive to manage the practice, there are key elements to consider in the management of your practice.  The elements of practice management include systems for all areas of the practice, including finding new patients, scheduling and other front desk functions, gaining acceptance of treatment plans, verifying insurance as needed and collecting your fees.  Of critical importance is having systems in place to ensure patient satisfaction, quality control and training of your staff.  IDEAL CONSULTING will help you establish Practice Management systems to enable you to better control your practice and achieve more profits. The result will be a well run practice which enables you to focus on your goals for your practice