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Practice Quality

Do you sometimes wonder why patients never return? Do you wish your staff were more effective at getting the job done?As you realize, the quality of your practice is a reflection of most of the areas of your organization including treatment, patient communications, staff training and your administrative systems.  Just as you and your treatment staff seek continuing education to keep up with current changes in your field, it is beneficial to have ongoing training for your administrative staff.  To be proactive, it is important to regularly seek out patient feedback, so that you can continue your positive actions and correct those that need improvement.In addition, it is critical that your practice stays current with any practice regulations including staff and patient safety, and patient privacy issues.  IDEAL CONSULTING will help you discover what your patients like and don’t like and will work with you to make any needed improvements. In addition we will assist you in developing and implementing any needed systems including systems for staff training.  The results will be happy patients referring others, and a service-oriented staff performing together as a well trained team.