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Staff Productivity

Increasing staff productivity: Are your existing staff not as productive as you would like them to be? Are you finding it difficult to hire great staff?  Is training taking up more time than it should only to yield less than ideal results?Taking control of the hiring process is one of the most important things you can do for your practice.  Hiring and training the best people will not only save you time and money, but will increase overall productivity.Having productive, willing staff will help you in all areas of your practice.  Your marketing and front desk staff will help increase new patients.  Competent staff at the front desk will ensure that your schedule is maximized and will assist in making sure that patients keep their appointments.  The right staff handling collections will ensure that you are paid for the services you render.  Your treatment staff and assistants will increase the productivity in the treatment area.  Your managers will assist in creating an effective, efficient, well coordinated team.  IDEAL CONSULTING will help you in establishing systems for hiring, training, increasing staff productivity and establishing incentives.  The result will be happy, cooperative, productive staff working together to achieve the goals of your practice.