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Freedom of Choice

Do you sometimes feel tied to your practice? Would you like to have the flexibility to pursue other interests? Although you probably decided to become a health care provider because you wanted to help others, you may also want to pursue other interests in life.  By having a well run practice, with the right systems and staff in place you will be able to enjoy many other activities and challenges, and work toward fulfilling other goals for yourself and your family.  Once you have handled the basics of putting a successful health care practice in place, it may be time to move from the day to day management of the practice to that of the goal setter and planner for your organization.  Most important in this transition is for you to have the freedom of choice.  This freedom means that you have choices on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  It means that you can be there when you want to, but also have the flexibility to pursue other interests.  With the right systems and people in place, you don’t have to be tied to the practice.  Rather than the stress of the day to day operations, you can relax knowing that the important functions are being handled.