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What’s The Difference?

Helping prospects see the difference to close the sale

Helping prospects see the difference to close the saleHow many times have you heard that question?  It is often used in an off-hand, matter of fact way and it is sometimes used in a sarcastic manner.  This is the question that everyone who is making a decision to purchase something does or should ask.  It is the difference that is often the deciding factor in someone choosing the person, company, product or service to use.

Unfortunately this question often goes unasked and unanswered.  When this is the case, the prospective client will find the one difference that is the most obvious – the price.  In the world of sales, especially now, it is critical that you help the prospect see the differences.  To not do so is to rob them of the opportunity to choose the solution, the company, the product and the service that is best for them.  I am sure we have all made decisions based on price, but at what cost?  That’s a question that each of us can only answer for ourselves.

When someone is making a decision that is important to them, it is even more important that they really know the differences.  Unfortunately, many people focus on similarities and assume that all proposals are equal with the exception of the price.

If you really want to help your prospects and boost your sales at the same time, then it is important that you help them to see the differences between what you are offering as opposed to your competition.  If there are truly no differences then the decision can be as simple as tossing a coin.  Most of us realize that is rarely the case, so it is up to us to help our prospects by making the differences clear.