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Outsell Your Competition

Creating sales proposals that will sell

In recent surveys we have been told that competition is becoming more and more of a problem.  Business owners and those in sales have been telling us that competition is a factor in a number of ways.  These concerns include unqualified or dishonest contractors low-balling prices, and clients who don’t know how to evaluate proposals.  One of the other prevalent comments I hear is that it is all about price.  This often results in people choosing a proposal, product, service or contractor that is not right for them.

Unfortunately buying into this line of thought, that it’s all about price, does not help anyone.  In fact, instead of having a “win-win”, the result is “lose-lose”.  Although you may not think of it this way, you should consider the fact that if your product, service or company is really the best fit for this particular client and they don’t choose you, they are the loser.  With that idea in mind you might consider that you have an obligation to help this prospective client choose the solution that is best for them.