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Contractor Etiquette

Sales Manners

You have done everything right.  You made sure the potential client was qualified, you found out what they wanted, you measured, you wrote up a great proposal, it was priced right and you didn’t get the job.  Possibly you didn’t even get as far as presenting a proposal.  Maybe you met with the potential client, but you got the distinct feeling that it would be a waste of time to even present your proposal or perhaps someone called and decided not to even set up a meeting.  We know that not every prospect will be your ideal client, but what about those who could and perhaps should be your next client.

Have you ever racked your brain for the solution to something that is just so simple you wonder how you could possibly have missed it?  I suspect we all have.  It’s like searching for something or debugging a problem.  Although there may be a myriad of reasons for the sale going wrong or even the job going sideways, it behooves us to ensure that we don’t allow something basic like etiquette or manners to prevent our success.