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Getting It All Done

Organizing to get it all done

How often have you just not been able to get it all done?  A few years ago, I consistently would hear cries of “I can’t find the staff I need.”  Now, in spite of the changes in the economic scene I’m still hearing complaints of no time to get it all done.  If you are among those who are or have ever had this concern then read on.  Or perhaps you are your own business and are simply tired of all the extra non-production related “chores.”  In this article we will examine some of the options to handle what seems to be an un-handleable situation.. . .

Where do subcontractors fit in?  And how can they help?  First, let’s start with a broader, possibly more creative definition of subcontracting.  For the purposes of this discussion we will define a subcontractor as anyone or any company that can fulfill any unmet need or job or task to enable you to produce more work.  This could and should include the specialty trades, supplemental workers to add to your crews, as well as other contractors who are willing to do a job for a contractor instead of working directly with the client.

By examining all areas of your business you will probably find places where using a subcontractor will help.  Remember that even though it may occasionally seem to be more economical to “do it yourself” it can actually cost you more in lost production.  Examples of this include the use of rip-out and debris removal professionals or the use of installation specialists.  While these subs are handling certain portions of your work, you or your crew can be doing other production.  This team approach then makes it possible to complete more work in the allotted time, so that you can actually take on more jobs.