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So much to do – so little time

At this time of year with all the holiday happenings it is so easy to relate to this topic. If you looked at the title of this article and immediately agreed with it you are not alone.  I am often asked, “how do you find the time to…” ,   You can complete the sentence.  It doesn’t matter what you don’t have the time to do, but it probably feels like there just isn’t enough time for anything.

How often do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that need to be done? Could it be that you are lacking organization?  You may want to object to the accusation that you are disorganized, but before you do so, let’s look at organization from a different point of view.  Instead of thinking of organization in terms of neat stacks of paper, let’s look at it in terms of categorizing and dividing.

Fundamental to effective organization is the ability to categorize like functions and the discipline to stick with the task you choose.  Often in an attempt to handle “the overwhelm”, there is a tendency to jump from task to task getting little pieces done on each of them.  With this approach you are apt to feel like you haven’t accomplished anything, because in fact you haven’t completed anything.  The more prudent approach would be to separate the type of tasks and handle one type at a time until it is done.  Of course you can’t spend all your time organizing or you would never get anything done.

In the process of separating the work load you may determine that there is truly too much for you to handle.  If that is the case, it is time to bring someone in to help.  Since you started this process by dividing the workload into types of tasks, you now know the areas that have the heaviest workload and where you need to get help.