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Less Stress, More Time

The past year we all in some way have experienced stress resulting from the challenges our world has faced and recently, challenges in our local community. At some point we may been stressed from not having enough work, and at other times we may have had more work than we could handle in a timely manner. 

Often, the feeling of overwhelm that results from so much to do comes from lack of organization. 

Fundamental to effective organization is the ability to categorize like functions and the discipline to stick with the task you choose. Often to handle “the overwhelm”, there is a tendency to jump from task to task getting little pieces done on each of them. With this approach you are apt to feel like you haven’t accomplished anything, because in fact you haven’t completed anything. The more prudent approach would be to separate the type of tasks and handle one type at a time until it is done. Of course, you can’t spend all your time organizing or you would never get anything done.

In managing time, it is critical to establish goals, and prioritize your activities so that they align with your goals. Whether you are trying to handle your business, your staff or personal life, these same principles apply. Although it is very beneficial to state long and short-term goals, don’t allow the creating of these goals to consume too much time.