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Changing the Clock

The secret to time management lies in efficiency

How often have you said to yourself, I’ll do this some day, but there is just no time now, or if only I can the make time.  Or maybe you wish you could somehow change the clock.  If only you could add minutes to hours or hours to the day.  Instead of lamenting about the shortage of time, let’s look at what can be done about it.  Is it really that there is no time or is it that we aren’t putting the time we have to the best use?  Although it isn’t really possible to add minutes to an hour or hours to a day, it is possible to make it seem like we are actually adding time to our seemingly skimpy allocation. 

In order to make time we have to learn the fine art of using the time we do have to maximum advantage.  The secret lies in efficiency.  You have probably realized that you need to increase efficiency every time a project or task took longer than you expected If you are like most owners or managers you have often wished that your staff could be more efficient.