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Lead or Be Led

Project management and leadership resulting in profitable projects

Why is it that some project managers always seem to get the really good projects, while others always seem to get the problem jobs? Is it really a matter of luck or does the answer perhaps lay within the manager himself? I think we all know the answer to this question, which leads us to ask what differentiates the really good manager from the unpredictable one.

Before looking at the activities of project management, let’s look at the qualities of the project manager. First and foremost this individual must be a leader. Just as with any leader, he must possess certain skills, abilities and attitudes. Although he doesn’t have to be as skilled as your best mechanic, he must know the basics of what is needed and he has to be able to tell the difference between substandard work and a quality job. He must have the ability to communicate and get others to do the work. He must also have a positive attitude and he must inspire confidence.

If your manager has these attributes he will be in a position to lead, otherwise he will basically be led. The weak project coordinator will follow the whims of the workers and will be the effect of the problem of the day. What this means to you is that instead of having your projects running effectively and efficiently, resulting in profits, you will have too many losses. By ensuring your project managers have the ability to lead, you will be assured of profitable projects.