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The Executive Balancing Act

Handling the stress of walking the tightrope between success and failure

Some call it putting out the daily fires; others call it walking a tight rope.  To handle the stress that goes with being an executive, we need to do both, but more importantly we also need to put plans in place to ensure our success.

How often have you felt like your life or job consisted of walking a tightrope? Whether it is planning, selling, managing the project or putting out all the daily and weekly fires, you never quite feel like you are on solid ground. So often we find ourselves so buried that we forget to plan or even set goals.

Even if you set goals, if they are totally impractical or not properly communicated, you will never feel successful. You will feel like you are walking that tightrope between success and failure, always afraid of falling off. This is where the tightrope balancing act comes in.

If you are always setting impossible to achieve goals, whether they are your expectations for your projects or for your crew, you and your staff will start to lose balance. That unbalanced feeling will lead to unnecessary stress on you and to those around you.