Marketing opportunities are everywhere. It can be overwhelming to figure out which marketing strategies will give you the most return on your investment. The following articles address different types of marketing including advertising, getting leads, better networking, and cost-effective company promotion. In addition you will find articles which discuss your website and social media.

Having effective sales procedures in place and knowing how to differentiate yourself from your competitors will help you get more qualified customers and increase your profit margins.

Communication is a major factor in getting clients, selling jobs, successful projects and repeat business. Not only is it critical to communicate before getting projects, but it is equally critical to communicate during and after the project.

A changing economy has the potential to impact a business negatively. These articles address changes that can be made in the way we think and do business and still be successful in a changing economy.

Consistency in Marketing

Become known through consistent marketing and referrals Anyone who has ever advertised has most likely gotten the same message from their advertising rep.  You need consistency, or you need to repeatedly advertise.  Now before you stop reading, let me...

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Should’ve Listened to You

Creating effective public relations and marketing plans This could be one of my most hated phrases.  But unfortunately, I am hearing it much too often these days.  So, what is this about and why am I hearing this phrase and what can we do about it now?  Recently I...

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Build an Effective Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to market yourself and your company.  Just as I am not going to tell you to take out a bunch of ads, I am not going to tell you to stop advertising if advertising is working for you.  However, I will agree with the advertising reps...

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The Goldmine in Your Backyard

Marketing to and through you customers We are often so intent on finding new customers or clients that we forget to look at those we currently have or those who we have worked with in the past. Are you sitting on a goldmine? In recent years, contractors have been...

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Reaching Out

Effective marketing Rather than putting our marketing efforts solely into advertising, we need to view marketing from a broader perspective that includes public relations and direct marketing. For years I have heard a lot of varying comments with regard to marketing,...

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Do They Know You Exist?

Cost effective marketing It often is hard to believe that not all of our clients remember us or realize that we offer far more services than they used.  To make sure that you are the one they go to when they need more work or their friends need a referral it is...

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