Managing your winning team

With the end of the football season behind us and the start of baseball just around the corner, I am reminded of some of the things these sports have in common with our businesses.  For one, they are both games with the goal of winning.  Although you may not always think of your business as a game, I am sure you can stretch a little and see that it is in fact a game.  After all if we can say life is a game surely, we can see how our businesses or even careers can be a game.

One of the interesting things about sports is that they pay a lot of attention to statistics.  We can define statistics a few different ways, but I think we all agree that stats are a measure of how the team is doing and how the individual players are performing.  I also think it is interesting that we often pay more attention to sports stats than the statistics of our businesses.

I have often found that business owners think that their team is being efficient and productive and yet they are having difficulty achieving their profitability goals.  When we really examine the production area and find the statistics that measure individual or group performance, we have found that productivity was indeed the reason for low profits.  I am not saying this is always the case, but I am saying that it is possible to measure production and that there are systems that can be put in place to increase the statistics for your team.