Employee training

One of the most troublesome areas of many businesses is employees – finding them, hiring them, getting them to do what is needed and keeping them.  In spite of this, one of the most neglected areas of employee relations is training.  We recognize that hiring is important and we may even take the time to introduce a new employee to the job or our business, but then we just throw them in and expect them to swim.

If you have ever had an employee floundering, you may realize that it is probably related to training.  It may be that the person didn’t have the basic requirements for the position or it may be that some elements of the finer points of the job simply weren’t conveyed.  In either case, this sense of a sinking employee is frustrating to everyone involved.

As the manager of an area, you have the responsibility to ensure that all your employees know your policies and what it is that they should do.  By knowing what is expected, the individual will be able to take responsibility for the task or designated hat and will then be able to control their job.

The goal is to train employees so that they will be able to successfully carry out the responsibilities of the position with minimal supervision.  If you succeed in this training goal then you will be able to focus your attention on other areas of the business.  It is important to lay out all the elements of the job for the person being trained.  Remember that if you and your employees are to grow then training must be an ongoing affair.