By Lorraine Hart of Ideal Consulting Services Appeared in the Sunday, June 30th 2019 edition of the Houston Chronicle

The Greater Houston Builders Association’s Remodelers Council congratulates our members for winning prestigious 2019 Chrysalis Awards.

The Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence began in 1994. The Chrysalis Awards are open to every professional remodeler and design professional in the United States. The awards cover 28 categories of residential and commercial remodeling, and winners are selected for each of four geographical regions of the country. The regional winners are then judged to select a national winner for each category.

Continuing to set new standards of professionalism, 77 companies from across the United States were named winners at the 2019 Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence. The entries were judged on overall design, the creative use of space and materials, and the degree to which the project enhanced the original structure.

Craftsmanship By John owner John Gillette won a regional 2019 Chrysalis Award in the category of Addition over $250,000. Craftsmanship By John has won a Chrysalis Award twice before.

Craftsmanship By John’s addition project was part of a whole house remodel of a two-story brick traditional 1937 home. The objective of the owners was to create a spacious master suite retreat and open the home’s first floor space by enlarging the family room for dining and entertaining.

“This remodel keeps the beauty and character associated with this 1930’s home while giving it modern updates that are normally not found in this type of older home.” says John Gillette. “You cannot tell inside or out that this was an addition to the home, it looks like it has always been there.” 

Legal Eagle Contractors, owner Dan Bawden won a regional 2019 Chrysalis Award for Residential Universal Design.

Legal Eagle’s project consisted of a large townhouse renovation with the installation of a unique three-story “Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator”, or “PVE”. The owners wanted their renovation to include “aging-in-place” features, so they can live in their home for the rest of their lives without having to move to assisted living or a nursing home”. 

 “This type of elevator is amazing!” said Dan Bawden. “It works just like the vacuum thing you use at the bank drive-in, only slower of course; and it is completely safe. It is a great solution for anyone with mobility issues who want to continue being able to access the second floor of their home.”

Kitchen & Bath Design Studio, owner Diana Braun won a regional 2019 Chrysalis Award in the category of Whole House Remodel under $300,000. The firms winning project came about after severe flooding during Hurricane Harvey and morphed into a complete redesign of several key spaces and substantial upgrades to the rest of the home’s interior living spaces.   Diana Braun remarked “As our team worked with the homeowners; we used this opportunity to redesign and substantially upgrade the rest of the home to make it a safe and beautiful home for them and their young children.” 

This article was provided by a member of the Remodelers Council of the Greater Houston Builders Association. The Remodelers Council is dedicated to promoting professionalism and public awareness of the remodeling profession through education, certification and service to the Houston community.  For more information on this article, please contact Lorraine Hart at  To join the council or to find a professional remodeler in your area, please visit