This article was written by Lorraine Hart and published in the December 24, 2023 edition of the Houston Chronicle.

When the festivities of the holidays are over many homeowners are inspired to tackle their plans to remodel their living spaces. If 2024 is the year you want to remodel your home to fit with the changes in your life, here are some suggestions on where to start.  Although it’s best to lay out your needs, wants and goals before you get started, it’s never too late to clarify them to make sure your remodel will work for your family’s day-to-day life and long-term living needs.

Renovating is generally a significant investment, so make sure you do your homework before selecting a contractor.  When choosing among a selection of remodeling professionals to work with, ask for and speak with client references and look at photos of their projects to get a sense of their reputation and craftsmanship.  To ensure a positive remodeling experience it’s essential to verify the credentials and traits of potential designers and contractors.  By choosing remodelers who are members of a professional association such as the Remodelers Council of the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA), you will increase your chances of having a successful project.

Life evolves, kids come and go and aging parents may move in. Keep these things in mind when embarking on any remodel so that you are renovating not only for design but also for comfort and function in the future. 

Before you sit down with your remodeler of choice find pictures of projects in homes that you like. Being able to show your remodeler examples of your preferences is extremely helpful to ensure your tastes are understood and incorporated into the design. This will also help indicate the types of materials you desire for your remodeling project.

Equally important to your pre-planning is setting your budget for your project. Make a list and determine what the most important components of the remodel are to you.  Get your list as close as you can to your very top priorities – that way when you start the process there is a less likely chance that you will end up frustrated and disappointed. Make sure to communicate your goals and priorities to your remodeler.  By having a clear idea of your goals for your newly remodeled home and sharing those goals and your vision, you’ll be closer to achieving your objectives. Your remodeling professional will assist you in selecting various options to ensure that you will achieve your goals.

At this point in the process, you’ve done your research, seen their work, checked references, and agreed upon a contract and are at the execution phase of your project. With the proper pre-planning and research, you can look forward to a successful non-stressful renovation and enjoyment of your new remodeled home.