Effective marketing

Rather than putting our marketing efforts solely into advertising, we need to view marketing from a broader perspective that includes public relations and direct marketing.

For years I have heard a lot of varying comments with regard to marketing, some positive, but most of them negative.  Many of the comments have been along the lines of ‘advertising doesn’t work’ or ‘advertising is a waste of money’.  I am not going to agree or disagree with any of these beliefs, but I want to discuss an expanded view of marketing. First, we need to look at the difference between advertising and marketing, and then we will look at the differences inherent in effective marketing.

Yes, there is a difference between advertising and marketing. Advertising is just one form of marketing and by itself is not always the most effective way to market.  Hence the belief that ‘advertising doesn’t work’. An effective marketing plan must include public relations and multiple ways of reaching out to your prospective clients.  

As you can imagine, direct marketing is quite different from indirect marketing. Whereas indirect marketing tends to be more passive and waits for someone to notice you, in direct marketing you work out ways to communicate your message directly to your prospects.  In the past most direct marketing consisted of sending mailings or telemarketing. With increases in modern technology, there are more opportunities to reach your prospects to communicate your message.  Fortunately, there are now very cost-effective ways to do direct marketing.