Management includes thinking and operating from outside the box

How often have you been frustrated because things are just not going the way they are supposed to?  I hear this lament from clients all the time.  Another common complaint I hear is: “there isn’t anything I can do about it because ….” You can fill in the blank.  I have heard reasons for why a business can’t do well based on the time of year, the weather, or some other very important idea. 

If you examine your own thinking process you will most likely find that there is something that you feel is preventing you from doing what you want or perhaps forcing you to do something you wish you didn’t have to do.

Unfortunately these ideas tend to box you in.  If you think it is so, you just won’t even try to do anything about it.  You will continue to assume it has to be that way.

If you can think outside the box, you will be free to take advantage of opportunities that everyone else is ignoring because they are stuck inside.